Dr. Stephen Kelley - Mission Bangladesh

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2017

We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Stephen Kelley and his family on Wednesday night at Word Alive International Outreach this month. He is doing a tremendous work in Bangladesh, so we wanted to highlight him in this blog.  

Check out the full service HERE!

Did you know that most of the world lives on less than $1.00 per day? What about that 95% of the world lives outside of the United States? Dr. Kelley shared with us an eye opening video into the missionary world called LOST. #prayfastgive

We know we cannot be the change around the world without your help.  First, pray for us and our mission around the world.  Then if possible, fast one meal a week and donate that money towards our mission to provide food, clean water and justice to those in need!



Director of Project 58, Matt Hobson

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Honduras Field Note: "I was in prison and you visited me"

Hi my name is Kym Howard .  Last August I moved to Honduras because the Lord led me to go.  I had never been on a missionary trip before . I was filled with an overwhelming joy and Iove and wanted to share this blessing of Jesus I received with everyone.  I signed up to be a teacher at Honors Academy.  I initially wanted to just teach the kids and found myself at the women's prison speaking to the ladies in the local 18 street gang .   I felt in my heart this was another blessing , where I could share the unconditional love that was given to me and hear these women stories as well.  Now I will be leading this ministry full time and have the pleasure to be meeting with these women once a week.

Sometimes words aren't needed.

I got to visit with the girls right after Valentine's Day. The week, before I went I asked "Lord what do you have planned this week for the girls." The whole week every time I turned around I kept hearing and seeing girls talk...

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Miracles from the Honduras mission team!!!

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2017

Hey P58 family,

We just got back from an amazing trip to Honduras with our largest mission team yet!!!  I'm so excited for people to be catching the vision and deciding to help #bethechange around the world.  

I want to share just some highlights from our trip and give you maybe one of the coolest testimonies I've seen personally on the mission field.

Ministry Summary for Matt & Holly Hobson and Team Members
Honduras, March 23-30, 2017

  • A total of 6 communities were visited to preach, teach and feed the people of Honduras.  In every community, people came foward for salvation, deliverance and prayer for emotional, physical, family, and financial needs.  We held 18 services at these villages for men, women and children.  We also held a service for singles and a marriage conference in the Zambrano community.
  • Over 850 bags of food were given away to more than 850 families. Over 1,000 children were ministered to and were given some kind of snacks....
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Polluted environments kill 1.7 million children a year!

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2017

Children look for plastic bottles at the polluted Bagmati River in Kathmandu March 22, 2013.

Polluted environments kill 1.7 million children a year: WHO

A quarter of all global deaths of children under five are due to unhealthy or polluted environments including dirty water and air, second-hand smoke and a lack or adequate hygiene, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

Such unsanitary and polluted environments can lead to fatal cases of diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia, the WHO said in a report, and kill 1.7 million children a year.

"A polluted environment is a deadly one -– particularly for young children," WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said in a statement. "Their developing organs and immune systems, and smaller bodies and airways, make them especially vulnerable to dirty air and water."

In the report -- "Inheriting a sustainable world: Atlas on children's health and the environment" -- the WHO said harmful exposure can start in the womb, and then continue...

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Does the process of personal redemption start with helping others?

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2017

Here is a great next step on how to achieve personal redemption—charity.

Does the process of personal redemption start with helping others? Sounds strange. Undoubtedly, kindness, charity and selflessness are vital ingredients in a person’s quest for spirituality, but is that the proper starting point? How about battling personal evil (step 2), purifying oneself through accepting the “yoke of heaven” (step 3), or humility and renewal (step 4)? Is it not more important to clean one’s own house before helping others?

Here is a thought that adds perspective:

One of the more common questions asked of a person is, “What do you do?” This question does not refer to the person’s hobbies, vacations or charity work; rather, it is designed to find out how the person makes a living. This is what a person does. A person goes to work every day, and endeavors to make a comfortable income. More often than not, this results in his becoming...

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Food Packing Fun

Hey there...Matt Hobson, your Project 58 Director here.  That's just another way to say I'm the missions pastor at our church...lol

I wanted to share a few thoughts about the recent Food Packaging Event we facilitated at Temple Beth Hallel on January 21st. Our original goal was to pack 10,000 meals to go to Israel for those in need.   I've been to several of these events in the past, so I know what to expect.  This time I thought I was going to be smart and form some volunteer teams to go and run the entire event for me.  I recruited a few faithful volunteers and they recruited some of their friends, etc. for the setup and breakdown of the event. Then I had my Volunteer Team Leader recruit his own volunteers to actually run the event and tables and make sure everyone at Temple Beth Hallel had a great time just packing the food so they would not have to worry about any of the details.   

Well....gosh this is wordy.  Sorry : ) Anyway, I told my...

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Project 58 Field Report 2016

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2016


Hey, Project 58 family! 

I’m Matt Hobson, the Director of Project 58. Here’s an update on some of the amazing things we have accomplished together this year. 

I’d love for you to read this post, but if you want to cut straight to the chase and watch our year in review video, go ahead and click here.

Our mission comes down to these three words: Pray, Fast, Give.  We believe by praying for the nations, fasting one meal each week, and donating that money we would have spent on the meal to Project 58, we can continue to change the world.

The year started great!

This February we traveled to Uganda with two of our ground partners, Wine To Water and Connect Africa.  The project was scheduled to repair 20 boreholes in hopes of providing clean water to 8,000 beneficiaries.  Once we got on the ground, we learned we had underestimated the growth of each community. That’s an understatement, actually.  We ended up repairing all 20...

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Everywhere you go

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2016

Recently Project 58 led a mission trip to Uganda. In this unique "team taught" message, the team that was there shares their life changing stories about Uganda.

You'll hear about things like-

  • The lesson one gal learned by washing dishes, something she does everyday HERE, when she contemplated why God took her to the other side of the planet to do the exact same thing!
  • The great lengths the people in Uganda go, every single day, for things we take for granted- like water. And, how a simple gift of a rainwater harvest tank brings an entire community together and opens doors for the goodness of God to be shared.
  • The things you can do NOW  to participate in this journey- right where you are!

Team members were able to lead several conferences and build a rainwater harvest tank. They taught the community about Galatians 5:1- "It’s for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free."

As you might imagine, they talk about how it’s not just the lives of the people in Uganda that...

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The craziest thing you can do (& other lessons learned at W2W HQ)

partners wine to water Oct 30, 2016

- Matt Hobson, Project 58 Director-

This September, Holly and I were invited to attend the Wine to Water Summit in Boone, North Carolina. (Wine to Water is an organization that some of you have heard a TON about if you've been around Project 58 for anytime at all- we’ve partnered with to help bring clean water to those who don’t have the means to obtain it themselves.)

The Wine to Water Summit was an amazing, eye-opening experience for both of us. Let's face it: seeing the headquarters and meeting the guys who are calling the shots and making things happen really lets you see the heartbeat of any organization.


Deck the halls...

The first thing I noticed in their office was this: Art work everywhere! And not just art- but creations from the field, from all the places W2W has dug wells. The art hung like trophies- or momentos- of the places where lives are being impacted everyday. Almost like W2W took something TO the people (clean water) AND brought something back...

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