Project 58 Field Report 2016

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2016


Hey, Project 58 family! 

I’m Matt Hobson, the Director of Project 58. Here’s an update on some of the amazing things we have accomplished together this year. 

I’d love for you to read this post, but if you want to cut straight to the chase and watch our year in review video, go ahead and click here.

Our mission comes down to these three words: Pray, Fast, Give.  We believe by praying for the nations, fasting one meal each week, and donating that money we would have spent on the meal to Project 58, we can continue to change the world.

The year started great!

This February we traveled to Uganda with two of our ground partners, Wine To Water and Connect Africa.  The project was scheduled to repair 20 boreholes in hopes of providing clean water to 8,000 beneficiaries.  Once we got on the ground, we learned we had underestimated the growth of each community. That’s an understatement, actually.  We ended up repairing all 20 boreholes, and the final number of people receiving clean water totaled 55,000 people.  

I love it when God takes our effort and just blows the doors off our expectations like that!

If that was the ONLY thing we accomplished it would have been an amazing year on those stats alone.  However, we know there are people in need everywhere, and we are going to PRAY, FAST, and GIVE- and then GO- as much as we possibly can.

 We don’t just give people fish, or teach them to fish…

In April, a team headed to Honduras. We hosted 30 services to equip and teach the Word of God! Our team led a food packing event, then delivered it to each nearby village. We provided food to THOUSANDS of Hondurans. 

(Side note: this is one of the best family friendly mission trips we have. It’s also one of the cheapest trips, coming in around $1,000 total for airfare, room and board, and in country transportation.  If you have never been on a trip or you are looking to take your family on a trip, this is A GREAT OPTION.) 

You may have seen- or tasted- Project 58 coffee blend. It’s from Honduras. 


We provided a microloan to the local farmers. The premise behind the whole microloan is that famous “Give a man a fish… or TEACH a man to fish.” With microloans, we EMPOWER people to take control of their destiny!

So far, more than 15,000 pounds of coffee have been been produced through this partnership. Here’s the best part: the proceeds fund clinics and biosand filters for the villages.  For each bag of coffee you purchase, we  provide a hot meal for a someone each day for the entire month.  
***Call 256.831.5280 ext. 153 to purchase***

A wide open door

Remember the trip in February to Uganda I mentioned? 

Well, after going to provide clean water to the communities of Uganda, they asked if we would come back to train and equip their community leaders.  It’s amazing how just giving someone a drink of clean water meets a basic need and OPENS HUGE DOORS for more conversations and opportunities to minister.  

So, in November, we headed to Uganda and Fort Portal once more. Our team held two pastors’ conferences, built a rainwater harvest tank for the community, purchased laptops for pastors, and purchased school supplies for orphanages. We gave money to help build local churches and provided community meals.  

This was a life changing trip for most of our team.  It was really cool to see so many new people jump on a trip. Sign up on our new website at the end of this email, and we will share some great testimonies of how people did fundraising to be able to go on this trip.  Also, how some people who do not necessarily want to preach but still are able to go and work and make a huge contribution to the success of this trip.  We all can play a part in bringing God’s kingdom to earth!

The tip of the iceberg

Aside from mission trips, Project 58 has helped the nations of the world in various ways. We provided microloans to farmers, villages, and churches to help them share the Word of God and become self-sufficient by providing the means for them to ultimately better their own communities. We have also helped purchase several important items for the nations. 

We partnered this year with our WAIO Tanzania campus and helped purchase land for their new church building.  It’s amazing that this poverty stricken community was able to raise 75,000 US dollars on their own to go towards this purchase.  I would say they are more than invested in building God’s kingdom there!

We sent $10,000 to Bangladesh, where a hospital and ministry reach out to Muslim communities that surround the area.  

How about our meal packs?  Well, our meal packs have helped thousands this year, both locally and globally.

These are just a few of my personal favorite highlights from this year. 

Thank you for your prayers and continued support throughout 2016. We are looking forward to what 2017 has in store for Project 58.  You have helped us #bethechange across the world in so many ways! We’re closing this year STRONG- and looking forward to doing it all again in 2017! For more on how you can continue to support Project 58, watch this video. 


Matt Hobson
Missions Pastor