Miracles from the Honduras mission team!!!

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2017

Hey P58 family,

We just got back from an amazing trip to Honduras with our largest mission team yet!!!  I'm so excited for people to be catching the vision and deciding to help #bethechange around the world.  

I want to share just some highlights from our trip and give you maybe one of the coolest testimonies I've seen personally on the mission field.

Ministry Summary for Matt & Holly Hobson and Team Members
Honduras, March 23-30, 2017

  • A total of 6 communities were visited to preach, teach and feed the people of Honduras.  In every community, people came foward for salvation, deliverance and prayer for emotional, physical, family, and financial needs.  We held 18 services at these villages for men, women and children.  We also held a service for singles and a marriage conference in the Zambrano community.
  • Over 850 bags of food were given away to more than 850 families. Over 1,000 children were ministered to and were given some kind of snacks. Over 450 people were given a meal on Saturday afternoon. 
  • While the ladies, girls, and Pastor Chad Conn stayed at the Church of El Espino ministering to people, the rest of the men went to help a very needy 11-member family move rocks and take them to the place they are preparing to build a house.
  • On Saturday, the men also went to pour a concrete floor for a family who hosts a home group, while the women stayed at the compound to cook for the people who came for the afternoon service at Zambrano.
  • Our team also had a chance to visit the Houses of Love around the community.  This is their version of our Houses of Light (Home Groups). We helped train them on how to lead a group successfully outside of the church walls. 


All things work together for GOOD...Romans 8:28

Man did we learn the meaning of that verse first hand.  Let me tell you about this photo....

Bryan Shelton, the man in this picture, couldn't find his passport as we were leaving a village carrying the rocks to help that family build the foundation of their house.  Now I'm not sure if you have been out of the country before, but losing your passport anywhere is a horrible thing, much less in Honduras of all places.  The only thing we could figure out is that he rode in the back of the truck on the way to the village and somehow it fell out of his back pocket somewhere.  

We all started looking for it where we had been working and all along the road of that community.  Not a sign of it anywhere.  At that point, we decided to split up and go to the other villages we had visted during the day, etc.... We looked for several hours until well after dark, but we could not find Bryan's passport anywhere.

That night at dinner, Pastor Luis Sorto explained to me how big of a situation we were in if we could not locate his passport.  He said it had only ever happened one time and it was a nightmare trying to get the Embassy in Honduras to issue new documents. This his was on Friday night that we were having this conversation.  The plan was that on Monday Bryan would have to drive to the capital city early that morning and go back and forth for approximately ten days to complete the process! That was the best case scenario.  This was not good for several reasons.  First, Bryan's mission trip would be over.  Also, we would be losing one of our translators and one of our vehicles so we would have to adjust our mission trip tremendously and would not be able to accomplish all that we came to do in Honduras.

Hearing that news was not good, and we all prayed, but accepted the fact that we were probably not going to be able to find the passport.

Luis decided the next day to tell us a story of another pastor that came down to hold a seminar on how to present the gospel. He would teach them how to share their story and then at the end ask the person if they would like to put their trust in Jesus.  They would have the opportunity to practice with one person presenting and the other responding etc. He was telling us about this one specific girl. He said she wasn't even supposed to be at the seminar, but because her mother could not come she was filling in for her.  Her partner went first and was sharing her testimony and at the end, just as they were supposed to practice, she asked the girl if she would like to put her trust in Jesus.  Now remember this was just practice, but the young girl with tears in her eyes told her partner, "I know we are just practicing, but I'm not a chrisitan and I would like to put my trust in Jesus."  During this practice session, this 19 year old gave her life to Christ.  What an amazing story!  

Here is where the story gets crazy and where we learned the phrase Pero Dios ( But God ).  It wasn't long after this story that Luis receives a phone call from this SAME girl.  When he gets off the phone he tells us, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! This young girl thinks a boy in her community found Bryan's passort!!!  We could not believe what we were hearing.  So, Luis, Bryan and I jump in the truck and drive to this community to see if it's actually the passport.  On the way there, Luis tells us this village is ten miles from the hub and these people WALK all that way to attend his church in Zambrano on Saturdays.  He said he has been looking for land close to the community up there so he can build a church for them so they don't have to keep walking all that way.

Meet Joseph...

This young man,  Joseph, comes running down the hill towards us.  He has something wrapped up in plastic in his hands as we get out of the truck, and we unwrap what we still cannot believe is Bryan's passport. We starting shouting and dancing and jumping around like you would not imagine. This was truly a miracle. The little boy explained he found the passport in a ditch walking home and his parents had always taught him if you find something that is not yours, turn it in and God will reward you.  Well that was true for him on this day. Bryan decided to financially bless this family for returning his passport. Bryan told Joseph that he didn't lose his passport, but that it was all God's plan to "WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD" so that Joseph would find it and return it just so God could use Bryan to bless the family.  That's an interesting thought isn't it?

Well, if that wasn't enough, I'll finish with this.  After celebrating, we jump in the truck and Luis drives us up the house of the girl that made the phone call.  Remember her?  The one who accidently made it into a seminar and became a christian.  Luis asked us if we would mind praying for her family.  So after a short visit of telling this story to them we all gathered around to pray on their front porch.

Pero Dios ( BUT GOD )... 

As soon as we finished praying the girl's father told Luis he heard he was looking for land for a church.  He took us around behind his house and told Luis that he wanted to, get this, GIVE HIM all his land to build a church.  He didn't want him to buy it, but gave it to him for FREE....Are you kidding me!!!

So we would like you to think about this: Is it possible that God, because remember "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD," would allow this girl to be in just the right place to become a christian, to then have Bryan in this place drop his passport, so Joseph could find it, Bryan could bless their family and eventually end up here where this man gives his land away to build the very church where Luis has been hoping to have one.  I guess we can just chalk all this up to coincidence right?  Or maybe, just maybe, God's word is true and all things really do work together for our good and His glory!!!  

Hope you enjoyed just one of our many experiences on this trip. Can't wait to share more with you next time.


Matt Hobson
Director of Project 58