Honduras Field Note: "I was in prison and you visited me"

Hi my name is Kym Howard .  Last August I moved to Honduras because the Lord led me to go.  I had never been on a missionary trip before . I was filled with an overwhelming joy and Iove and wanted to share this blessing of Jesus I received with everyone.  I signed up to be a teacher at Honors Academy.  I initially wanted to just teach the kids and found myself at the women's prison speaking to the ladies in the local 18 street gang .   I felt in my heart this was another blessing , where I could share the unconditional love that was given to me and hear these women stories as well.  Now I will be leading this ministry full time and have the pleasure to be meeting with these women once a week.

Sometimes words aren't needed.

I got to visit with the girls right after Valentine's Day. The week, before I went I asked "Lord what do you have planned this week for the girls." The whole week every time I turned around I kept hearing and seeing girls talk about there nails, and seeing nail polish at every store I went to at front at the register. To make sure I was hearing and seeing right. I asked the Lord are we going to paint nails this week. The answer was Yes, treat them like the Queens they are. I purchased every nail color in the rainbow, nail files, cotton balls, remover. Some of the teachers (Vanessa and Christina) joined me that Saturday. We pampered the ladies, which was VERY exciting for them. When we entered they were waving and smiling and they were curious of what we were carrying. As soon as I shared with them what the Lord shared with me the whole week. The girls filled both tables, there was around 35 out of 46 girls that joined us. They all picked there colors and we started painting the girls nails. I had one of the girls ask if she can paint my nails I told her, "of coarse," as she did. I looked around the room. I noticed that there where girls that normally wouldn't talk to each other painting each other's nails and laughing. At that moment I realized I don't have to have words or a specific message, just spending time and loving on them was sufficient. When we where about to leave a girl came up to me and thanked us personally and told us that the days we come are the only times they would all get together and that she enjoyed seeing us. Another girl handed me a note (she is normally not social or likes to talk but I notice her always listening from a far) I got the note translated in the car. It read that she felt like she can trust me and wanted me to pray for her because a surgery she had was not completely done right. WOW! I went from thinking why Lord did you pick me to talk with these girls and being nervous. To seeing why; to share the heart of God with these girls, not just in words, but in action.

First day back with the girls and I had no idea what to say, but every time we show up He does as well. I started out by asking the girls what they wanted out of me and the translator coming.There answer was to learn about God, hear testimony, and to learn English. So thats what we did. We made a total of 400 flash cards with basic Spanish to English conversational phrases. They where so excited that they were grabbing other ladies and telling them to come join. This month we talked about the power of God and his word. How much He loves us and how we don't have to do anything to earn His Love. This last week we talked about how He is always pursuing us and how He always gives us a choose. We talked about how to find your identity and knowing your true source. Moreover, we talked about how having a relationship with God is what life is all about. Ultimately, how that relationship is progressive, God is always moving us forward into new and better things. In conclusion, are we living the life we want or the life God has for us? After Pamela (the translator) and I got done speaking with the 18 street ladies we joined her mom, Jami, who speaks with public population (which normally we wouldn't have time to but some how it worked out). It's funny how on the drive in the car Jami and I both had no idea what we were going to share and after hearing her speak realizing the Lord gave us the same message to share. Nothing less then amazing. That's a taste of what God is doing in Honduras.

Thanks for you love and support Project 58 family!