Food Packing Fun

Hey there...Matt Hobson, your Project 58 Director here.  That's just another way to say I'm the missions pastor at our

I wanted to share a few thoughts about the recent Food Packaging Event we facilitated at Temple Beth Hallel on January 21st. Our original goal was to pack 10,000 meals to go to Israel for those in need.   I've been to several of these events in the past, so I know what to expect.  This time I thought I was going to be smart and form some volunteer teams to go and run the entire event for me.  I recruited a few faithful volunteers and they recruited some of their friends, etc. for the setup and breakdown of the event. Then I had my Volunteer Team Leader recruit his own volunteers to actually run the event and tables and make sure everyone at Temple Beth Hallel had a great time just packing the food so they would not have to worry about any of the details.   

Well....gosh this is wordy.  Sorry : ) Anyway, I told my wife, Holly, prior to the event, that we would just ride up and make sure everything is in place and then we can dip out and go to lunch. Of course, we get there and as I jump in organizing teams and creating fun team names it becomes a competition and then just gets too fun to leave. 

Check out a little clip from the event HERE!

Something happens when you gather together as a community for a bigger cause and serve with each other.  Before long, we not only packed the 10,000 meals for Israel, we actually packed a total of 17,268 meals.  We will use the other meal packs to help feed those locally that need assistance.  

Did I mention my wife was sick that day and really didn't want to go?  However, going with me, she reaped the benefits we see all the time from Isaiah 58, our missions foundation; she was healed!  It says (and this is my paraphrase): If you take care of those in need you will be like a well watered garden.  Not only will He take care of our physical (health) and spiritual needs, but you will be known as the re-builders of the city, those who can fix anything.  Pretty awesome benefit for giving yourself to a few hours of serving with each other.

Join us for a Food Packing soon or schedule one of your OWN!   

Stay free,


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