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Uncategorized Feb 22, 2018

Fight For the One in Front of You

Just about one month from today, the international community will stand together and focus its attention on the importance of water. Mark your calendars, World Water Day is March 22.  
For Project 58 and our partner's at Wine To Water, we’ll spend our time working on more ways we can resolve the World Water Crisis. Currently hundreds of millions of people are living without access to clean water. The number is staggering. For many of us, it’s a statistic that is hard to fully comprehend. But what if we focused on something more specific? Or in this case, on someone?
That person is the one right in front of you. We are traveling to communities around the world and building relationships that change the lives of people through clean water solutions—well repairs and installations, home filters, and sanitation and hygiene education to name a few. We believe there is a single meaningful step you can take towards joining the fight to provide clean water.
On March 22, we invite you to #bethedifference.
You will join a dedicated group of monthly givers that serve as the backbone of our ministries. By providing a regular flow of resources for life-giving water, you invest in the work of changing lives and transforming communities. Together we can fight for those who need clean water—one by one.

Visit our website at and learn about our solution we call Pray.Fast.Give.  After watching our video consider joining us on World Water Day and give here to #bethedifference with us around the world.  For just $1.00 you can give someone clean drinking water for an entire year!!! 
Matt Hobson, Director of Project 58