Everywhere you go

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2016

Recently Project 58 led a mission trip to Uganda. In this unique "team taught" message, the team that was there shares their life changing stories about Uganda.

You'll hear about things like-

  • The lesson one gal learned by washing dishes, something she does everyday HERE, when she contemplated why God took her to the other side of the planet to do the exact same thing!
  • The great lengths the people in Uganda go, every single day, for things we take for granted- like water. And, how a simple gift of a rainwater harvest tank brings an entire community together and opens doors for the goodness of God to be shared.
  • The things you can do NOW  to participate in this journey- right where you are!

Team members were able to lead several conferences and build a rainwater harvest tank. They taught the community about Galatians 5:1- "It’s for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free."

As you might imagine, they talk about how it’s not just the lives of the people in Uganda that were changed but also their own lives. That is, when the Father does something THROUGH us, He always does something TO use us in the process...

Here's the message, you carry the presence of Christ with you. Everywhere you go.

On missions trips. To the job-site. In your neighborhood. And in your house. Wherever you go, Jesus goes.

And wasn't that, really, the promise of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)?